General Cleaners:

Once you have successfully completed our General Cleaners training course, you may start working with us.

Job requirements are:

- Neat and tidy appearance;

- Between 18 and 40 years of age;

- Reasonable command of Dutch and/or English;

- Flexible attitude.

All SCS employees remain responsible for their own neat and tidy appearance in the workplace.

The following requirements apply to female employees:

- Long hair should be bound up using a black elastic band;

- No headscarves or other headgear;

- Avoid the excessive use of make-up and perfume;

- Do not wear too much jewellery;

- No earrings;

- No visible tattoos;

- No piercings;

- Do not wear nail varnish.

The following requirements apply to male employees:

- Short hair;

- Preferably no beard or moustache. If so, then neatly trimmed;

- Clean shaven every day;

- No caps or other headgear;

- No conspicuous jewellery.

- No earrings;

- No piercings;

- No visible tattoos.

Please send with your application the following:

- Copy of a valid passport/ID;

- Copy of a valid residence/work permit, wherever applicable;

- Copy of a document bearing your BSN (tax and social insurance number);

- Bank account number;

- Copy of health insurance card.

Applications for this can be sent by email attaching your CV at

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